Biden says Hamas must be eliminated, US officials warn war could escalate[Today’s KOver 1,300 rescue workers still traumatized by Itaewon Halloween tragedy이준석, 눈물의 회견…尹대통령 향해 "與 묵언 수행 저주 풀라"S. Korea, US, Japan install trilateral communication hotline amid N. Korea, China challengesForeign workers' deaths get weak sanctionsHamas weapons, tactics resemble those of NK: JCS이준석, 눈물의 회견…尹대통령 향해 "與 묵언 수행 저주 풀라"US strategic bomber BReeling from election loss, ruling party picks new leader posts BTS' Jungkook to extend solo parade with 1st album 'Golden' 반도핑기구 “아시안게임 북 인공기 게양에 조치 취할 것” SK invests in US data specialist Glassdome 사전투표 D TVXQ to release 9th LP on Dec. 26, marking 20th anniversary Jeonju International Sori Festival comes to a close with global push Live music festival Block Party to return to Haebangchon Hyundai Ioniq 7 may start production in July next year Apple under fire for ‘overpriced’ iPhones [Today’s K 국민의힘 “김태우 재산신고 관련 가짜뉴스, 방심위에 신고” Samsung chief explores new growth drivers in Middle East 'No Japan?' Korea swings from extreme rejection to selective embrace [Herald Interview] Kim Nam